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Do you like music? Do you like to create playlists and talk about music? The Rev Show has immediate openings for 2 new DJs! If you'd like to get involved contact us today!
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Welcome to the Revolution Show! We are the Show that Rocks to a 'Different Beat'! You can hear us spreading this Different Beat every Friday and Saturday night via our LIVE webcast, and on 90.7 FM WLMW in Manchester. Our Shows are on from 7-10PM. To listen online just check out the box on the right!

Please note that our show only streams live on Friday and Saturday nights. We are working on creating a Podcast..

Don't forget that you can always send us a request or shout-out! You can get in touch with us in one of many ways: 1) Click the requests button on the left side of this page, 2) Send us an email @ request@revolutionshow.org, 3) IM us via FaceBook or 4) Call us in the studio at...


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