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Do you like music? Do you like to create playlists and talk about music? The Rev Show has immediate openings for 2 new DJs! If you'd like to get involved contact us today!
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10.3.2015 Need some worship? If you are feeling depressed, frustrated, upset, or worthless and need some worship music to help you feel better, we recommend IHOP's prayer room!! read more
10.2.2015 Are you a DJ in the making? The Revolution Show currently has 2 open slots for DJs. If you love God, and want to learn how to become an on-air talent, contact us today! read more
11.1.2015 Looking for Sponsors The Revolution Show is in need of sponsors /underwriters to help keep us on the air. If you can help please click below! read more
23 July 2016 - Francesca Battistelli OOB- Maine

4 August 2016 - Soul Fest Day 1

5 August 2016 - Soul Fest Day 2

6 August 2016 - Soul Fest Day 3

20 August 2016 - Steven Curtis Chapman - OOB Maine

10 September 2016 - Tenth Avenue North OOB- Maine

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